#1 Principle to successfully sell your product

By Gr8insight.com

The law of “ Quality Consistency” is one of the hardest principle yet the most important to anything we do to attain stratospheric success.

Working in Transactional & Enterprise SaaS sales for the past 5 years have lead me to observe many things from how I or anyone personalize the approach to a massive number of leads all the way to how does a decision maker or buying stakeholder think when making a consideration for a potential enquiry via a meeting or purchase a software.

One of the pillars I have come to learn is the set of questions an ideal prospect/customer will consistently ask themselves:

  1. How am I doing?
  2. compared to? (last year, last quarter, next 6, 12 or 24 months)
  3. Can you help me?

Majority of prospects are consistently looking at evaluating the deliverables they had as a target and the impact the use of their portfolio of softwares or the lack of it have had on the performance of those deliverables. The most successful sales stars are those that consistently appreciate in value in the eyes of the buyer. How does that look like? you may ask yourself right now, well here are guiding principles to support that:

  1. How consistently relevant is the information you as a sales or marketing person are sharing to your ideal prospects be that via a phone, email or social networks?
  2. How consistent in the amount of times you are sharing with these prospects? as a “No” today with time will translate into a “Yes” tomorrow, 6 months or a year from now. Be consistent till the right time for the ideal prospect and as a result they remember you and your Quality Consistency.
  3. How consistent are you with the WHO? majority of the time the reason a meeting or opportunity does not convert outside of it being a question of relevancy or timeframe, it is the question of who is the right person to speak to which depending from organization to organization different people may be involved and thus consistency in asking for who is the right person becomes critical.

The biggest costs to getting Quality Consistency has been a cocktail of balanced trade off between volume & quality, effective time allocation, good judgement despite faulty, lacking or ambiguous information and Multiplication of everything that works without a hustle down the line across the entire commercial team. The Cost of not pursuing Quality Consistency on the other hand is and will be much greater as more sales people i.e SDRs/BDRs/ADRs, AEs & Marketing teams are faced with low conversions from number of meetings scheduled, opportunities created, won deals, converted inbound leads and consideration for tenders & RFPs.

We at Gr8insight.com Help you solve the How & marginalize the cost to Quality Consistency with our AI driven search engine to spot relevant opportunities and insight for your cold outreach, discoveries and demos to create a warm environment and relationship building with the ideal prospect to grow your opportunities and deals won at scale and leverage our snippet technology to consistently share relevant and timely insights, marketing content, case studies & messaging with the prospects who will help increase your quality conversions consistently with great judgement and at a click of a button.