The future of sales

At Gr8insight, we believe there is a better way to attract and acquire more loyal customers. 

Sales, marketing & profit are some of the very core foundations of a long lasting stratospherically successful organization, impacting the brand presence and the value it brings to the market.

Yet for too long sales, marketing teams & managers have dealt with underperforming & time consuming processes with lack of support to adopting agile technology with repeatable, performing process &  scalable 1-to-1 personalized consistent experience for the prospects & buyers.

Gr8insight is the first tool that helps sales, marketing teams and managers improve their outbound and inbound conversions - week after week. Designed by and built for sales & marketing teams. Gr8insight immediately fits into your day to day. 

Choosing Gr8insight is choosing to improve your sales targets and quotas for the team and the company. 

Gr8insight is brought to you by:

Nadir Mansor, CEO

Nadir is an experienced strategic Sales professional & visionary founder. Having worked in the Sales & Marketing function for early stage to hyper-growth Transactional & Enterprise B2B SaaS companies for 5+ years serving different industry sectors and geographies.
He is in charge of; effectivelly build & invest in a Gr8 customer focused & product lead company with a long lasting diverse and inclusive Gr8 culture, shaping & delivering on the roadmap and the vision of to positively impact as many of your companies, sales & marketing teams globally.



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The app for outbound & inbound sales & marketing teams.