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Increase the quality of your personalized outbound emails with prospect-specific personalized insights, while reducing time spent on research by 80%.

Take your team’s sales and marketing outreach to another level with a 1-to-1 personalized experience for your ideal prospects.

Focus on building a portfolio of relevant sales & marketing content for each of your ideal prospects, buyer personas and relevant industries.

Turn your research & content into action and make your team grow its # of meetings booked, opportunities created and deals won an everyday experience.

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Create the condition needed for effective strategic communication with ideal customers across the entire revenue generating teams.

VP's of sales & marketing operations

Boost sales & marketing team’s performance & conversions
week after week.

Sales, Sales development & ABM managers

Drive growing & constant improved revenue driven KPIs, performance  & conversions day after day.

SDR, BDR, AEs, Enterprise SDR/BDR/AE & ABM reps

Multiply & grow your # of quality meetings booked, opportunities created and deals won
with consistency


is a game changer for Sales & Marketing teams

"Gr8Insight is an extremely clever tool for aiding in outreach - It's what you always wished you had at your disposal while scouring the web for pertinent data on prospects you're planning to reach out to. The tool has saved me countless hours of manual research, improved my personalization in emails, and actually boosted prospects' interest in my emails, since I can now easily speak to the topics they're actually concerned with, it's a win-win for both parties."
Clay Moeller
@R-Path Automation
"The extension gives me the opportunity to reach out to every prospect on a daily basis by using the search engine to do research and personalize the messaging with ease with value and engagement making my cold calls & emails warmer to grow the amount of quality meetings booked."

Ren Serrano

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The future of sales

At Gr8insight, we believe there is a better way to attract and acquire more loyal customers. 

Sales, marketing & profit are some of the very core foundations of a long lasting stratospherically successful organization, impacting the brand presence and the value it brings to the market.

Yet for too long sales, marketing teams & managers have dealt with underperforming & time consuming processes with lack of support to adopting agile technology with  repeatable, performing process &  scalable 1-to-1 personalized consistent experience for the prospects & buyers.

Gr8insight is the first tool that helps sales, marketing teams and managers improve their outbound and inbound conversions - week after week. Designed by and built for sales & marketing teams. Gr8insight immediately fits into your day to day. 

Choosing Gr8insight is choosing to improve your sales targets and quotas for the team and the company. 

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