How to strategically communicate and sell

Well executed strategy leads to successful outcome.

Did you know that more and more organizations within the B2B sector are focusing on a cloud first strategy?  Tech companies all around are shifting the sales strategy away from selling products to selling services also known as SaaS (Software as a Service).

How to sell what to whom, are the questions that bring clarity, focus & execution with successful outcomes for a sales team. As more and more technologies and startups are being created to target every single form of customer segments, it becomes important to understand Who are the potential companies & decision makers to target as potential customers.  

Rick Page, author of “Making Winning A Habit” talks about the ever growing need today for sales professionals to learn How to sell strategically higher up to a given target company, which requires a deep understanding of the current as well as future needs and commitments of a company. 

Cyber security space alone has over 3000 startups and organizations competing for customer acquisition. That is almost 9000+ sales professionals competing for the attention of the  most relevant DMs, making the ability to identify the essential needs and communicating clearly and strategically a must have requirement to stand out from the crowd.

Another high impact question to ask yourself regularly is, What can you do for a target client that you have already done successfully with other organizations that are similar in size and industry sector? The ability to demonstrate credibility and deliver on the value that strongly aligns with the target company and decision makers needs becomes crucial to the success of a deal.