Benefits of a diversified outbound strategy & tech stack


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Albert Einstein. As the ultimate goal of an SDR is that of booking a quality meeting the idea of relying on one outbound strategy as opposed to a varied number of them is the same as relying on one player & one play as opposed to the entire team & playbook to consistently outperform.

The ability to create diversified outbound sequences helps pave the way to a better data driven outreach aim at maximizing the conversion rate. Based on our interactions with SDRs and SDR leaders within organizations it seems that there is a growing level of outbound strategy innovation taking the form of “prospects personal interests & career” outreach and “corporate & business strategy” driven outreach, “marketing content” outreach & last but not least and currently most used and less personalized outbound strategy “industry based mega trends” according to our study it seems like companies are starting now to attempt to diversify using these outbound strategies across a set number of technology stack that enable:

  1. Personalized video outreach via email or linkedin
  2. Cold calls & voice messages
  3. Automated & manual email sequencing
  4. Text message
  5. Linkedin outreach

The one thing COVID 19 has demonstrated is the need for more personalization of outreach at scale with the scope of helping the prospect making the decision on hiring a solution that helps them do a job better than the way it is currently done. As the benefits of personalized outreach outweighs the downside of it the challenge businesses are faced with is that of trade off between volume which has low but predictable conversion as oppose to personalization which tends to have higher conversion but lacks actual historical data in volume to eliminate the trade off between quality & quantity of outreach.

The biggest challenge and focus SDR managers & revenue operations are faced with a is identifying the right set of outbound strategies & tech stack that helps drive a sustainable & predictable number of opportunities created by every SDR especially in these tough times as well as learning about the best way to communicate with your ideal customer profile & as a result boost conversion rates. These benefits when achieved stand to create an unfair advantage especially with COVID19 the need to better leverage the data you generate to help enable informed decision-making advantage has & will become an imperative for businesses to outlast competition in this infinite game filled with newcomers and changeable rules. Personalized outbound strategies at scale using a number of diversified tech stack is crucial.

The future of sales will be driven by data & the companies that will start to leverage that data to help focus and execute on generating predictable meetings & opportunities created will have a head start on the competition in sourcing deals.